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Federal Pardon Applications

Federal Pardons

Federal Pardons, Clemency, and Commutations

As of early summer, 2015, PCR Consultants is proud to offer Pardon Application Services! Just like our popular federal probation termination services, pardon application assistance will put the power of PCR Consultants behind your application. Only the President of the United States can grant a pardon, but PCR Consultants can set your application apart from others’ in many ways.

We have been creating successful documents for federal clients since 2010, having a proven track record to back up our claims. For 5 years we have helped pretrial defendant’s get the most favorable facility designations, we’ve helped inmates with their administrative remedies when the Bureau of Prisons oversteps their bounds, and helped hundreds of released inmates gain early release from probation/supervised release.

Now we bring our considerable experience to pardon applications. Read on for more information.

Types of Federal Pardons

The word “Pardon” is a broad term that includes different types of official crime forgiveness. There are a few different terms underneath the “Pardon” umbrella that you should know about.

Clemency and Commutation

“Clemency” and “Commutation” are two terms that describe a presidential action that forgives a prison sentence. In common understanding, clemency a term used to describe the President’s power to forgive a sentence that hasn’t been served or completed.

Commutations are granted to inmates already serving their sentence.

In either case, the President forgives all or part of a defendant’s sentence in the interests of justice an mercy. There is no greater time than now to apply for presidential clemency as a defendant or federal inmate.

To prove this point, take a moment to read an article from July 3, 2015 article from the New York Times entitled, “Obama Plans Broader Use of Clemency to Free Nonviolent Drug Offenders“. Between now and the end of his presidency, Obama plans to exercise his clemency muscles on nonviolent drug offenders. Getting your application as soon as possible is the best way to reduce a sentence for a nonviolent drug offense.

Full Pardon

Pardons are specifically for federal convicts (those convicted of a federal crime who either served prison sentences or probation terms) who have served their prison time and have been released from supervision, probation, or parole.

Read more on what it takes to qualify for federal pardons here.

Application Process

Pardon Applications

Don’t let the paperwork scare you

The process to apply for a federal pardon in the United States is relatively simple. You fill out a form, send it in, and pray. Chances aren’t great for a pardon, as only about 1 out every 60 applications are granted. However: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Increase those odds with the help of PCR Consultants. We spend considerable time with each client to ensure we have the most accurate information. We comb a client’s criminal docket1, search for anything that may be helpful, and carefully draft each section of the application for maximum effectiveness.

Next we work with clients to ensure that they are fully satisfied with their application before finalizing it. Each client is unique and has final approval authority for the application form, format, and contents. We give each client our expertise, but let them have the final say-so in the finished product.

Finally, we print the application on sturdy, 100% cotton Ivory paper, bind it in a hard-cover book, perforate the pages so the Pardon Attorney’s office can remove each page (if desired) and ship it priority to the client for their signature(s).

Want to Know Even More?

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  1. assuming the case is new enough to access, meaning over the last 10-15 years []