Terminate Your Federal Supervised Release or Probation Now

Did you know? Most people on federal supervision can have their cut short by filing a motion to the court. PCR Consultants is dedicated to helping clients obtain this early release from the United States Probation Office by helping them create this document.

Our clients are former inmates of the Bureau of Prisons, or those sentenced to only probation. Most people who want to shorten their term of probation (or supervised release) don’t know how to do it. The good news? No lawyer is needed and in most cases there is no court hearing at all.

Submit the paperwork on your own with document prep service and terminate your probation as soon as you can. Questions? Check out our FAQ page on the subject, or read our e-book for a detailed explanation of policies, procedures, and laws guiding the courts on ending federal supervised release early.

Spring Rates!

Contact PCR Consultants in April and May 2014 and receive a 20% credit toward your document preparation services. Refer a friend and get another 10%!

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To learn all about early termination, from basics to filing procedures, read our e-book for no-cost!


The e-book is totally free!

Our Services Work!

You can see testimonials and court orders releasing some of our past clients at our testimonials page.

Feel free to comment there and tell us about your success with our services. If you’d like your case featured, please send us an e-mail and we’ll get it up on the site.

Even More Information

Read more about federal probation, supervised release, parole, and getting free of the system here.

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