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PCR Consultants

PCR Consultants is dedicated to helping federal criminal clients gain earlier release from supervised release, early release from prisons, and shaving years off sentences.

Areas of Expertise

From getting out of prison early, to gaining early freedom from probation,
PCR Consultants is committed to the freedom of our clients.


We at PCR Consultants have years of experience in PSI's, plea agreements, sentencing computations, and evidence suppression standards. We improve the process and create better outcomes.

Federal Probation

PCR Consultants is dedicated to helping clients get released early from the Probation and Supervised Release by helping them create through the process of requesting early release from their sentencing Court.

2255 & 3582 Motions

PCR Consultants is, in part, a document preparation company. We have vast experience in relief efforts in the federal criminal justice system including §2255 petitions and Compassionate Release requests.

About PCR Consultants

PCR Consultants was formed as an advocacy and consulting firm specifically for people who are contending with the Federal Justice System. The experienced team include over 20 years of experience with the BOP from former residents, and those that went through each step of the way with them. The PCR stands for Post Conviction Relief. However, we focus on all three phases of incarceration: the Pretrial stage, the Incarceration stage, and finally the Probation stage. We are not a law firm, but a consulting firm that bring vast knowledge of what actually works to help reduce punishments for federal crimes.

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PCR Consultants is a different kind of consulting agency.
We put the right process into client’s hands to help them gain early release from federal prison, federal probation, or even prevent long sentences to begin with.