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ABOUT PCR Consultants

Started in 2009, PCR Consultants began working with federal criminal defendants to terminate their sentences of probation and supervised release early. Since then, we've grown into a full-service consulting firm, and help in all areas of federal criminal matters, from pretrial case review to inmate sentence reductions. We enable, guide, or facilitate our clients in filing procedural documents in court and oftentimes eliminate the need for a lawyer (charging high lawyers fees) to do it for them at a fraction of the cost.

How We Work

Like other consultation firms addressing the Department of Justice, United States Courts, and the Bureau of Prisons, PCR Consultants helps solve problems facing defendants and loved ones of the incarcerated. However, unlike other firms, we offer proven documentation services. If a lawyer is needed, we find the best option which is rarely the most expensive one.

If no lawyer is needed, our document preparation services cut out the middle man (the attorney) in situations where an attorney is not required nor provided by the government’s Federal Defender office. Since we are not a law firm, we cannot and do not dispense legal advice, nor can we represent clients in court. What we do is provide a very formidable service:

We can shave years off of federal sentences while saving clients many thousands of dollars in the process.

Our Mission

PCR Consultants’ one and only mission is to help those that are facing criminal indictment and/or incarceration by the Federal Justice System. Through knowledge of Bureau of Prisons policy, legal precedent, practical experience, and educating clients, we strive to provide help and affect the most positive change as is achievable for every client.

About PCR Consultants

PCR Consultants was formed as an advocacy and consulting firm specifically for people who are contending with the Federal Justice System. The experienced team include over 40 combined years of experience with the BOP from former residents, retired POs, and those that went through each step of the way with them.

The "PCR" stands for Post Conviction Relief. However, we focus on all three phases of criminal cases: the Pretrial, Incarceration, and finally the Probation Stage. We are not a law firm, but a consulting firm that is dedicated you helping all clients with firm legal ground learned by study and experience in what actually works, as opposed to what should work.

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PCR Consultants is a different kind of consulting agency.
We put the right paperwork into client’s hands to help them gain early release from federal probation.