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Coming Soon – A New Book by PCR Consultants

We are working hard right now to finish a book that is a top-to-bottom look at federal probation and supervised release. This is complete look at

  • The way the federal criminal justice system is built;
  • The laws and policies of federal probation and supervised release sentences;
  • A look at the beginning, middle, and end of supervision;
  • A deep analysis of all mandatory and standard conditions of supervision;
  • Legal grey areas about federal probation and supervised release;
  • The process and laws of violations and revocations of supervision;
  • The law, process, and policy of early termination of probation and supervised release;
  • How to get off of federal probation and supervised release early; and,
  • Examples of winning motions that got their supervised release terminated early.

We have done a lot of work to make this book great. To analyze the conditions of supervised release, we first looked at the suggested language of the U.S. Sentencing Commissions Guidelines Manual, then we took a look at different judgment orders through the years and across the country to get a complete look at how conditions of supervision are crafted and worded. These are important distinctions that make a huge difference in how free or restricted an offender is on supervision.

Then we spoke with probation officers from around the Country, both active in their job and retired, to get the view of supervision from “the other side.” This gave us a rare and special look at how probation officers treat violations, how judges view different types of violations, and the internal processes of different probation departments in handling violations of supervision.

Finally, we re-wrote the book (literally) on getting off probation and supervised release early. From an analysis of the law, policy, and procedures of ending supervision early, to real-world examples of motions that were successful in getting offenders off their supervision early. These chapters are a full “how-to” manual of getting off early yourself.

If you would like a free copy of this book, we are giving away 20 copies prior to printing. Just send us a message on our Contact Form and include your e-mail address, and the first 20 people will receive free copies when the book is ready for publication (most likely in May, 2021)!

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