There are many ways to positively affect change in an incarcerated loved one’s stay inside the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), including reducing the amount of time they spend there. Here is a list of different avenues to help that change.


After direct appeals are exhausted a §2255 motion can be used to challenge the sentence in the inmate’s case. These are very tricky because only a few arguments are valid when using this appeal. One method is claiming ineffectiveness of counsel. PCR Consultants can help your loved on file these motions for themselves, save thousands upon thousands of dollars in attorney fees, and even be released on bail if the motion is accepted.

Early Release

There are many different avenues available to obtain early release and PCR can help achieve each one. Each inmate and situation is different, and there are early releases for many situations.

Some of these are Compassionate Release if your incarcerated loved one is terminally ill (or if an immediate family member is terminally ill), release on bail pending appeal, up to one year off for completing RDAP, Pardon, Clemency, and early release to a half-way house.

Obtaining these releases is not ever easy, but they ARE achievable. It takes time, effort, and perseverance to have a shot. PCR Consultants make that chance as high as possible.


Transfers of institution can be a blessing or a curse. Depending on the length of sentence, security level score, and location of an inmate, a transfer can offer programs that reduce sentence length, place them closer to home, or get desperately needed medical attention that the BOP is ignoring. Knowing how to request a transfer, and fight a denial of transfer, is a cornerstone of PCR Consultants’ skill set.

Medical Attention

The BOP is notorious for their bare-bones medical treatment inside normal institutions. This can be as simple as denying an inmate a CPAP machine, or getting them the medication they need. The BOP has its own pharmaceutical supplier for generic and non-narcotic medications which it tries to use exclusively. If your incarcerated loved one is not receiving proper medical attention, obtaining it is the most important goal we at PCR Consultants can have.

There are specific institutions inside the BOP that only exist as constant care medical facilities. Getting your incarcerated loved one to one of these institutions initially, or garnering a transfer to one, can help ensure they come home as healthy as possible.

For more information and useful facts about beginning incarceration, visit an article we at PCR Consultants wrote on the subject here.