Get Started

Getting Started is Easy

To get started on your way to ending federal probation early, simply give us a call at:

(480) 382-9287

Since this process is more involved than just filling in the blanks of a form, a personal consultation is necessary to get going.

Our simple process is broken up into three easy steps.

  1. An in-depth interview;
  2. Document Preparation;
  3. Approval and Submission.

Each step is detailed below.

The Interview

There are about two dozen laws, policies, and guidelines that judges consider when making decisions to terminate federal probation early. We interview each client to make sure we know the answers that will address all of these factors. Then we make sure all factors outside factors are considered including restitution and treatment.

All these questions inform us on the necessary pieces needed to do the most top-notch work out there in federal probation termination requests. Each interview takes about 30 minutes.

Document Preparation

After the interview we take 2-3 business days to craft, edit, and finalize a first draft of your custom documents. Once they’re considered ready for review, we will send our client this draft for their approval.

Approval and Submission

Once a client has had time to review their documents and supply feedback, we will make any/all necessary changes to satisfy our clients. Once a final draft is approved, all necessary administrative documents, along with detailed instructions for what to do with them, are sent to the client.

Each client is at their own liberty to submit the documents “as-is” or change them before filing. Since we only craft these as documents for clients, we can’t legally intend for them to be filed in federal court. If a client chooses to do so (and most do!), they sign each document and filing them with their federal courthouse using the easy to follow instructions supplied with their final product.