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A need has been growing nationwide that has vastly been ignored by professionals in the legal industry. Sex offenders, defendants in cases of registrable offenses, and families of sex offenders often have no place to turn for help and answers.

PCR Consultants is now providing local support to Nebraska residents who are dealing with sex-offense related issues. There are four phases to the criminal justice system for an offender convicted of a sex offense. Those are:

  1. The pretrial phase;
  2. The sentencing and incarceration phasse;
  3. The parole/probationary phase; and,
  4. The sex-offender registry phase.

The sheer number of issues, fears, agencies, attorneys, and unknowns are enough to overwhelm defendants and their families. More questions seem to pop up every day and nobody seems able to confidently answer them.

With help from PCR Consultants and the local community education and support of Familes Affirming Community Safety, these new challenges can be met with dignity and even hope.

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If this sounds familiar, please contact us. You can all and speak with our local Nebraskan consultant at (402) 932-9232. You may also e-mail us at Nebraska Services.

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  1. I was charged with enticement by computer. I was advised by my lawyer to plead no contest because Nebraska is finding everyone guilty. Even though it’s plane entrapment. Then judge gave me 2-3 years instead of probation I was eligible for. Then law changed went from low risk not on web site 10 year, to high risk 25 year. I seen on the facts web site that a man charged with my crime from how to catch a predator was found not guilty be cause Jude ruled entrapment. I am out of prison now is their anything I can do legally to try and go back and fight this now on my own?

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