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With over a decade of dedicated experience in only federal, and only criminal matters, the earlier in the pre-sentencing process we are hired, the more money and time off a prison sentence we can help with.

Federal Pretrial Status

When charged with a federal crime, newcomers to the criminal justice system feel lost, confused and helpless. Lawyers, Pretrial Service Officers, plea agreements, prison sentences, the Bureau of Prisons, and many other issues need to be learned and understood immediately in order to make the best decisions in the coming weeks and months. Trouble is, nobody is an expert in these areas during their first exposure to the system.

We at PCR Consultants have years of experience in each of these areas and can greatly help smooth the process and create better outcomes.

Pretrial Basics

You many not become an expert, but basic information is a great place to start. Here is a crash course on the basics.

Here are some statistics for you.

93.6% of federal criminal cases end in a guilty plea (6.4% go to trial)

75.6% of those that go to trial (the 6.4% left) are found guilty

97% of all criminal defendants are therefore sentenced

**82.8% of all federal defendants get prison sentences**

Save years off your sentence”

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